About FABA Club Respite Carers

Respite care of a good level is essential to helping people with additional needs to get by in their lives as well as providing much needed respite to the parents or carers. Providing assistance and extra care to those who need it is essential however finding people who are suitable can be very difficult.

FABA.Club has been set up by Wanda and Rob. They have a son called Ben who has autism, ADHD and has suffered with epilepsy. Initially respite was provided via charities or through the council but then they recieved direct payments which in itself comes with potential extra burdens. You need to find people then if they aren’t self employed set them up as an employee and ensure you calculate their payments and include the relevant associated benefits such as holiday pay, pension, national insurance etc. all of which adds to the burden and can be stressful especially if you’re going through a phase when your child is sleeping for only a few hours each night and it’s month end!

The main issue though has been finding a good supply of suitable respite carers. For years they have struggled to find suitable carers to look after their son. Good carers would come and work with him and then go and pursue full time employment, get pregnant, go back to college etc etc.  Whilst it is understandable that these things happen it was very apparent that there is a lack of a decent facility to enable parents to find respite carers and also the lack of ability for decent respite carers to be able to find enough work to make caring for those with special needs a full time job.

FABA.Club is here to facilitate a quick easy and swift method to help both families who need respite care and respite carers. Providing a quick and simple way for these people to find each other and check their compatibility for working together.

With your help and support we want to make this the go to resource for respite carers and families.

Respite Carers Required

Respite Carers Required

Here’s our son Ben looking cool on his Vespa yet still we struggle to find Respite Carers. Do you need respite carers for your child or are you a respite carer who can provide support? If so sign up today and make each others life better!!